Express Restoration offers 24 hour emergency services 7 days of the week to help you recover from a disaster caused by water damage.  Whether it is from a pipe break, washing machine overflow, toilet back up, fire sprinkler or roof leak, Express Restoration has the manpower, and state of the art equipment to minimize water damage.  Standing water is a serious problem that must be address in the early stages.  We at Express Restoration will dispatch our emergency services crew within the hour to secure the situation, and prevent any secondary damage.
Express Restorations team of experts will respond to the job site immediately to minimize further damage to contents as well as structural damage.  When handing a  water loss appropriately with a controlled drying process the entire restoration project is both faster and more cost effective.  Thoroughly drying the structure decreases structural damage from mold, mildew and any additional damage that may be caused by high humidity levels and moisture left behind.     
Keep in mind Express Restorations team of certified experts are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you recover from a tragedy that you have no power of preventing.  Let us bring you to pre loss condition and minimize the headaches.  We take complete control of the situation and take pride in providing excellent service to our home owners and business owners.  We know the importance of being a home owner and running your business we will take pride in helping you in a timely manner.

Water Loss Services Provide
·         Emergency Water Extraction
·         Washing Machine Over Flow
·         Dish Washer Over Flow
·         Understructure Clean up and Drying
·         Sewage Back Up
·         Fire Sprinkler Bust
·         Sink Over Flow
·         Tub Over Flow
·         Roof Leak
·         Rain Leak
·         Broken Pipe /Leak